Tier Seven identifies biomedical technologies that can improve the delivery of health care for our active duty personnel, veterans, and their families, as well as human weapon systems technologies that advance operational readiness and improve situational awareness for our warfighters. Tier Seven searches for dual-use (military and civilian) technologies to enter or expand their presence enough to enter Department of Defense (DoD), Federal, and International marketplaces. Creating long-term business opportunities via public-private hybrid relationships are critical for any biomedical and human weapon system technology to reach our warfighters. We can assist in creating those processes.


Tier Seven is a resource coordinator. We identify and contact DoD principal investigators (PIs) with the expertise and resources your company can leverage for entering dual-use marketplaces. We also identify science and business advisor resources.


We facilitate the development of cooperative R&D agreements (CRADAs) between private industry and DoD medical treatment facilities (MTF; n=208 U.S.), DoD research laboratories (n=76) and Federal laboratories (n=300).


We create a DoD Strategic Roadmap that delineates methods to innovate, optimize, or ruggedize your technologies. We also increase the visibility and awareness of innovative biomedical and operational technologies via demonstrations, conferences, presentations, DoD/Federal roadshows, and publications.


Our mission is to identify and prioritize lessor known, unique and underutilized non-dilutive funding (NDF) mechanisms to increase the likelihood of award success. We have numerous past performance references that demonstrate the value of this approach.