Medical Devices

Tier Seven is seeking dual-use medical technologies that can be innovated, optimized, or ruggedized to enter DoD, Federal, and International marketplaces. Specific areas of interest include clinical and rehabilitative medicine, combat casualty care, and military operational medicine. Dual-use technologies that serve the military and civilian communities are of primary interest.


Client: Sonivate Medical, Inc.

Project: Finger-worn ultrasound


  • Dr. Hanson was instrumental in Sonivate Medical receiving $2.5 million in funding to develop an ultrasound system for the forward deployed medic. He guided us through the entire process and especially ensured that we included the training development and training assessments for the medics. This was a key element in our proposal being accepted and on the scoring, Eric’s sections received the highest reviewer ratings. Thanks to Dr. Hanson, we are now well on our way to develop this needed product for our military.
    –James Hatlan, President & CEO, Sonivate Medical, Inc.