Archived Technology Focus Areas

The technology focus areas below have been areas of focus for Tier Seven in previous years. Although they are not focus areas for Tier Seven currently, they are relevant and important to the U.S. military and may become focus areas again for Tier Seven in the future. Researchers developing innovative technologies in these topics are encouraged to consider and pursue Department of Defense collaborations in order to improve the lives of our Warfighters, Veterans, and their families.

Medical Countermeasures and Infectious Disease

Infectious diseases are a significant health concern for both civilians and military personnel. In 2012 there were approximately 20.2 million physician office visits in the U.S. for infectious and parasitic diseases according to the CDC. Military personnel deployed overseas are especially vulnerable to vector-borne infections such as malaria. Many DoD research programs are working toward infectious disease mortality reduction and eradication. Tier Seven is seeking dual-use biomedical technologies that have the potential to improve infectious disease prevention, offer unique diagnostic capabilities, or propose innovative therapeutic interventions.

Client: MalarVx
Project: Malaria vaccine and in vitro sporozoite production

Human Systems

Individual or military personal protective equipment (PPE) includes devices and clothing such as goggles, masks, gloves, vests, and suits. PPE may confer protection against a range of hazards (e.g., chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and explosive [CBRNE]). Ballistics protection is often a required capability for PPE to be used in military settings. Tier Seven is seeking dual-use technologies that can be innovated or ruggedized to increase operational readiness and situational awareness to jointly offer enhanced warfighter performance and safety.

Client: Abom, Inc.
Project: No-Fog Goggles

Medical Devices

Tier Seven is seeking dual-use medical technologies that can be innovated, optimized, or ruggedized to enter DoD, Federal, and International marketplaces. Specific areas of interest include clinical and rehabilitative medicine, combat casualty care, and military operational medicine. Dual-use technologies that serve the military and civilian communities are of primary interest.

Client: Sonivate Medical, Inc.
Project: Finger-worn ultrasound